Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple and straightforward. We consider information that we collect through this website in the form of contact us form or email correspondence is strictly confidential in nature and typically limited to few authorised members of Bhandarkar Investments. We safeguard this information vehemently.

The said information is only used as and when required and in accordance with this privacy statement which may change from time to time. Visitors and clients are advised to educate themselves on this updated version and related policy metrics by visiting Bhandarkar Investments website regularly.

Information that this website collects -

  1. Name and address.
  2. Contact details such as email address, telephone number/s and related references.
  3. Pin code and demographic information.
  4. Miscellaneous information such as family hierarchy and financial details such a salary, turnover, earnings etc.

Surveys and Camps -

Bhandarkar Investments regularly holds surveys and camps offering free advice to people in need of financial and tax relation answers. This typically requires the participants to fill up forms which in turn demand individuals and companies to provide necessary and restricted information.

Why do we collect this data?

  1. To know your needs, wants and goals. With the information you provide we can then customize your plans, offer appropriate tax related solutions or suggest appropriate plan of action.
  2. With the information collected we need not trouble you for providing the same set of data again and again. This is stored in our database and the access to it is limited to just one or two senior staff members.
  3. The information provided helps us improve our services too. It offers us a chance to update and upgrade ourselves vis-à-vis new emerging problems.
  4. The same applies to sales collaterals, websites and trade guides. We use this information to redefine all these verticals.
  5. We also use the information to send out lucrative and special offers or new schemes which we feel will help you in achieving your goals.

Security -

All said and done we make sure your information is protected from hacks, illegal or unauthorised access or compromised in any way. We reiterate that this information is viewed by a handful of people at the top level and all the security measures are already in place. Rest assured your data is safe with us.